Types of Location Licenses

Before you place COAMs in your business location and make them available to the public for play, the business must hold a valid COAM Location License issued by the GLC. There are two types of COAM Location licenses that are defined by Georgia statute:

Class A – A Class A license is for those COAMs that do not allow a successful player to carry over points won on one play to a subsequent play or plays. Examples of a Class A machine are kiddie rides, skeeball, claw machines, pinball games, typical arcade games, pool tables that accept coins or bills, and juke boxes.

Class B A Class B license is for those COAMs that allow a successful player to accrue points on the machine and carry over points won on one play to a subsequent play or plays. Licensees who have both Class A and Class B machines in their business location must apply for a Class B license.

Check out the GA Lottery’s video COAM Regulatory and Licensing Information.

Applying For a Location License

Important Note: Before you can register on the COAM website and apply for a COAM license, make sure that your location is open for business. You must also have prizes to give out to people who play. New license applications will be subject to an inspection by a COAM Inspector before a license is granted.

Register as a New User on the COAM Website

Applicants for a new Location license must register as a new user on the COAM website at www.gacoam.com. An application for a Location license must be submitted online.

Step 1 – Go to the Georgia Lottery COAM website at www.gacoam.com and click the REGISTER button

Step 2 Register as a user by completing all of the fields and click the CREATE ACCOUNT button

Step 3 – The user will receive an email at the email address provided by the user during the registration process and the user must click on the area indicated “Here” to access the screen to input their confirmation code provided in the email

Step 4 – Activate the account by inputting the confirmation code from your email and clicking on the ACTIVATE button

Step 5 – Message will be received by the user that the account has been activated

Step 6 – Return to the Log In screen and input Username and Password and click the LOG IN button and begin the application process.

Tips to Ensure a Successful Application

Listed below are some helpful tips which can assist the GLC with the timely and efficient processing of your initial or renewal Class B Location license application. The GLC recommends the following for Class B Location License applications:

Updating Officers/Owners/Shareholders

Applicants must update their information with the Department of Revenue and with the Georgia Secretary of State before they can submit a COAM application. A “Personal Information” page must be completed for EACH officer/owner/shareholder when submitting a COAM application. If anyone’s information is not updated, then this will delay your COAM application.

Payment of Taxes or other State Financial Obligations

To get a COAM, you need to make sure that you have no outstanding tax liabilities or obligations. Go to the Department of Revenue in Georgia at 404-417-4445 or go to their website www.gtc.dor.ga.gov for more information on what they are looking for when it comes to taxes and other financial obligations in Georgia.

Registration Information

You need to have all your registration information before you start the application. This includes:

  • Username and Password for gacoam.com
  • State tax ID number
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Any other identification or citizenship information needed
  • Method of payment

Providing True and Correct Information on Application

Applicants must provide the GLC with all their information. This includes their correct address, owner information and contact information. They should not give out any accountants’ or bookkeepers’ details. The GLC needs to be able to contact the applicant in case there are any questions about them or COAM connectivity issues.

Apply for the Correct License Type and License Class

Licensees need to make sure they are applying for the correct type of license:

  • Type of license (Master, Location, Manufacturer or Distributor)
  • Class of license (Class A and/or Class B)

Note: Location licensees in possession of both Class A and Class B machines in the same business location or anticipate having both Class A and Class B machines in the same business location anytime during the licensing year, must apply for a Class B type license. Also, if you are a Class A Location License Holder, and you own your Class A machines you MUST apply for both a Class A Master license and Class A Location license

Renew License Prior to Expiration Date

While the GLC sends courtesy reminders via email to current license holders, it is ultimately the sole responsibility of the licensee to ensure the renewal of their license by the expiration date. COAM Location licenses may be renewed beginning May 1 (date is subject to change) through June 30 each year or be subject to a non-refundable late fee of $1,000.00 beginning July 1 and ending after September 28. The late fee is a mandated statutory fee that cannot be waived by the GLC. A Location license that has been expired for more than ninety (90) days from June 30 may not be renewed. Applicants can avoid any last-minute problems with the online submission by submitting their application as soon as the licensing period opens for renewal.

Requests for Information

Respond to information requests from the RCA and Legal Departments promptly. Failure to respond to any information request may result in the denial of your COAM application.

Compliance Checks

Class A

Class A Location licensees are only required to complete an online application and submit the license payment online. No other compliance checks are conducted on the owner(s) or business entity.

Class B

Class B Location licensees are required to submit to compliance checks each licensing year to ensure eligibility for a Location license. Once an application is submitted online, the GLC will commence a full review of your application and supporting materials. The review of your application will include, but is not limited, to the following compliance checks:

Criminal Background Check A criminal background check will be conducted for all officers/owners/shareholders to determine if any have been convicted of any criminal offense that would preclude obtaining a Location license.

Credit Check A personal credit check will be conducted for all officers/owners/shareholders to determine if there are any derogatory events which would present a risk of doing business with you. If your credit problems are concerning, COAM may request a security deposit.

Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) Check A DOR check will be conducted to determine if there are any outstanding tax liabilities or obligations, officer/owner discrepancies, address discrepancies or missing tax returns.

Georgia Secretary of State (SOS) Check A SOS check will be conducted to determine if the entity is in good standing and all officers/owners are up to date.

Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Check An inter-governmental initiative using a web-based service to help federal, state and local benefit-issuing and licensing agencies and other governmental entities determine the immigration status of applicants for public benefits or licenses so only entitled applicants receive them. The SAVE Program will provide timely customer-focused immigration status to authorized agencies in order to assist them in maintaining the integrity of their programs.

Form of Identification GLC requires a copy of one of the following forms of current and valid identification for ALL owners/officers/shareholder be uploaded to the online COAM application system. Failure to submit a valid form of identification for each owner/officer/shareholder may cause a delay in the processing of your COAM application. No other forms of identification shall be accepted:

  • Driver’s License
  • Georgia Identification Card
  • Identification Card issued by another state
  • S. Armed Forces Identification Card
  • S. Passport (must be signed)
  • S. Resident Alien Card

Outstanding Financial Amounts Due to GLCGLC will check for any outstanding amounts due for COAM fines or amounts due to the GLC for traditional lottery failed financial sweep amount(s).

Other Checks GLC will check for other current or previous COAM or lottery locations owned by the applicant(s), not in good standing, as well as follow up on affirmative questions answered by the applicants on the COAM application.

After You Have Submitted Your Application

  1. Fax your completed EFT Form to 404-215-8897
  2. Site Inspection – You may be subject to a site inspection by the GA Lottery Corporation. They will need access to the location site during a scheduled inspection time.
  3. Check the GA Lottery COAM website often to monitor the progress of your application. If more information is needed the GA Lottery will request it through this portal.
  4. Financial Security Fee – As your application is being processed, you may be charged a one-time fee based on your credit history or type of business. It can be between $2,500 – $7,500 and is refundable once all Class B machines are removed from the location.

The application process can take about 4-6 weeks. Once you have received your license, contact us to have your machines installed!

Bringing Entertainment to Your Business!





Bringing Entertainment to Your Business!





Bringing Entertainment to Your Business!